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The Bachelor's Degree is the first cycle of official university education. Its purpose is to provide students with general training in one or more disciplines, aimed at preparing them for the exercise of professional activities.

Successful completion of these courses leads to the award of the official university degree of Graduate, which must be recognisable and relevant in society and in the national and European labour market.

The UHU has 30 degrees and 8 double degrees, most of them centralised at the El Carmen Campus and others at the La Merced Campus.

Official Masters

The official master's degree is the second cycle of university studies. Its aim is for students to acquire advanced training of a specialised or multidisciplinary nature, oriented towards academic and professional specialisation, or to promote initiation in research tasks.

Successful completion of these courses leads to the award of a University Master's degree.

In order to access the official Master's degree courses, it will be necessary to fulfil a series of access requirements.


The University of Huelva offers Doctoral Programmes aimed at training researchers in the main branches of knowledge: Arts and Humanities, Sciences, Social and Legal Sciences, Health Sciences and Engineering and Architecture.

These programmes are integrated into the European Higher Education Area and have been verified in accordance with the procedure established in current legislation.

Access to doctoral studies is open to those who meet the general requirements and admission criteria established in articles 6 and 7 and in the second additional provision of Royal Decree 99/2011, of 28 January.

Senior Classroom

The Aula de la Experiencia of the University of Huelva (AEUHU) is a programme of social, cultural and scientific development, aimed at promoting science and culture in a sector of the population of women and men who have acquired knowledge from their own life history and personal experience.

It aims to respond to the demand of people with previous training who, even though they have finished their work cycle, wish to remain active and want to continue participating in educational, social and cultural activities.

This training programme aims to promote intergenerational relations, through activities that involve the immersion of older people and their participation in various activities with groups of other ages, especially with UHU students.


The Modern Language Service of the University of Huelva offers you all the information you may need about the different languages taught at the UHU and the courses offered.

The courses are aimed at both the university community (students, teaching staff and administration and services staff) and anyone over the age of 16 interested in learning one or more of the languages we offer.

In addition, there are entrance exams for all the annual or specific courses offered.

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